Monday, November 10, 2008

The Joy of Football

As most of you know I LOVE football. I have been known to yell at the TV and on occasion throw things in protest of a bad referee call. I have learned these fine lady-like behaviors from my father. THANKS DAD!! When I was a little girl he would take me to the LSU games. I felt so special on those days. He worked alot ... but on those days I had his complete attention. We would go to a restraunt and load up on the most unhealthy food and soda (mostly because mom was not around to stop us and suggest that we have milk with our pizza!) As we walked in the crowds of roudy tailgaters I felt like the luckiest little girl in the whole world. I would cheer my heart out with my trusty yellow pom-pom and win or lose as we walked away from Tiger stadium my world was perfect because I was walking hand in hand with my dad. I look forward to sharing the joy of football with our little girls and creating memories with them that they will carry in their hearts forever.

Natalie is taking a quick nap during halftime ... dreaming of an LSU victory!!
Abbie Grace is ready for the LSU game. GEAUX TIGERS ... BEAT BAMA!!


Robin D said...

Too cute! I love those little LSU shirts and their cute lil bows! What a fun time you and your dad had. I'm sure he'll enjoy doing that same thing one day with his grand-daughters!

Jill Britt said...

Oh my gosh, they are adorable! Too bad the tigers didn't win with such cute fans to cheer them on.

thecaillouets said...

where did you get the elastic lace? i am trying to find some for sophia but walmart doesn't carry it anymore.

Holly said...

The girls looks so cute in their LSU onesies! That is great that you have those memories of football with your dad.