Friday, November 7, 2008

Slacker Blogger

I know its been a while since my dear friend Jessica created my blog but now I'm finally committed to blogging...well at least for the next few minutes! Most of you have seen these pictures of our little angels but I wanted my first post to be their first 'dress up' pictures.
Natalie Adelle (L) & Abigail Grace (R)

Natalie Adelle Born Sept 30, 2008 4lbs 8.7oz 18 inches 1:47 pm
Abigail Grace Born on Sept 30, 2008 4lbs 8.2oz 16.25 in 1:48 pm


Nathan Britt said...

About freakin' time! I am so happy that the lil' ones are healthy and doing great. Yes you are a slacker but I am the first to see your new blog. I bet those girls are gonna wanna watch football. Paul will just have to give in and let him watch them tiger and dem saints! Hope to see y'all soon!

Robin D said...

You are so not the first one to see her new blog b/c I helped her with it!! I just didn't comment right there your face!
Anyway the girls look beautiful as always. Now that you know what to do I expect LOTS of new posts and pictures in b/t the eating, sleeping and pooping of course-oh and lets not forget the spit ups!

Erika said...

Hey girl! Your babies are beautiful (no surprise). If they turn out anything like you and Paul, they are going to be the sweetest little girls EVER!

Jamie Girl said...

oh Elizabeth... they are BEAUTIFUL!!! congratulations lil mommy!!! they look so weet and peaceful!! how are you?? i miss you and think of you ALL the time:) luv ya