Tuesday, November 18, 2008

7 weeks old

Natalie (top)  Abbie Grace (bottom)

Our little angels are 7 weeks old today!! They are such a joy and we cannot imagine our lives without them.  Its hard to imagine life without them.  I can't believe we survived the 5 year wait.  Some days it seemed impossible to go on ... other days were easier thanks to prayer, loving friends who offered us a shoulder to cry on, something to laugh about or their kids to borrow.  Sometimes I still feel like a knock will come at the door and someone will take our girls away.  I have caught myself several times getting ancy during the last 15 minutes of Oprah when it goes to lots of commercials ... (this was my cue that my "work" day as a nanny was nearing the end.  It was always a sad time for me because I knew that the parents would be home soon and I would have to leave the precious babies I spent all day loving on and caring for.) ...thinking that I will have to hand over the girls to someone.  Then I remember that they are ours and I feel overwhelmed with joy and an occasional tear.  I hug them extra tight and whisper in their ears that we will be together forever.  I hope they hear me and know how much they are loved.  

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