Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Halloween

I am posting this a little late ... the girls first Halloween.  Thanks to Great Grandma & Grandpa Ruebsamen for sending the girls their very first card in the mail ... an adorable pumpkin card addressed to each girl!!  It was so cute and thoughtful.  

I dug around in my stash of baby clothes that I have been collecting over the years hoping to use one day and found some halloween costumes for the girls.  A pumpkin for Natalie and a Bear for Abbie Grace.  The costumes are not what I would have picked if I could have taken the girls shopping ... but they had to work because the pediatrician wants the babies to stay in for three months except for necessary trips out.  

The girls sat outside with me and handed out candy ... okay well they slept the entire time while mommy handed out candy ... but they looked adorable!  One lady thought that they were dolls. I was like no they are REAL babies!!  

I can't wait for next year when we can get the girls all dolled up and hit the streets in search of M&M's (dark chocolate), Kit Kat and York Peppermin Patti's!!! (mommys favorite candies)

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Brandon and Jennie said...

The girls look cute in their unisex costumes! I love their bows. I have a lot of unisex clothes. I am going to have to go shopping around the 3 month mark.