Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma Pat

Grandma Pat celebrated her birthday November 19th and the girls made a suprise visit at her school where she teaches 3rd grade. The school secretary told Grandma that an angry parent was waiting for her in the office ... but when she came into the office she saw her two FAVORITE grandaughters (and her MOST favorite daughter-in-law)!! She was very suprised! The word spread quickly that Mrs. Pat's twins were at school and we had several teachers come catch a glimpse at our little angels. They gave grandma a BIG balloon and cupcakes for her class so they could celebrate with her on her special day. The girls would have stayed for the celebration but mommy was afraid one of the children would have "lovingly" bestowed too many germs on her preemie babies. When the girls are bigger and healtheir they will visit again. Happy Birthday Grandma Pat ... thanks for all your prayers to get us here safley and for all that you do for us, mommy and daddy!


TexasMommy07 said...

Seriously?! I'm so impressed! I had trouble getting out the door with just Charlotte when she was a newborn. I bet your Mother-In-Law really appreciated the visit, how thoughtful ;) ~Amanda

Robin D said...

That's so sweet! I'm sure Pat was so happy that you came and she was able to show off ALL of her favorite girls (you included!)