Monday, December 29, 2008

Ornament Party

Camille and Hayes


Carmen and Natalie

Jennifer and Grace

You have all heard me talk about the babies I have nannied for ... I had a very special day with them recently. When I nannied for Hayes I made an ornament for his parents for Christmas with his handprint - putting paint on it and turning each finger into a snowman. It turned out really cute. I made another one the following year at Carmens request. Then last year it turned into a slightly bigger event when she invited her girlfriend Christine (the mother of baby Cole) and we made ornaments for Hayes, Camille and Cole. (I ended up watching Cole after finding out that he needed someone to keep him during the day.) This year Carmen decided it was part of her Christmas traditions with the kids. She invited he girlfriend Brandi and her little boy Julian, Jennifer the mother of Ryan (you will remember that I was his nanny before Paul and I got married) and Christine (and baby Cole). We planned on making ornaments for all the kids- including the girls and having lunch and girl talk. It was also an opportunity for everyone to meet and love on the girls. Sadly, baby Cole woke up that morning with a fever and couldn't make it. I hope to see him soon.
The ornaments were a huge success. The kids did great! We had large clear and frosted bulbs for the "big" kids and small clear bulbs for the babies. I couldn't believe how big their hands were. Its amazing how fast they are all growing. I was especially caught off guard when I made Camilles ornament. I held her big girl hand in mine and wondered where time had gone. I looked at Carmen and said "Where has my baby gone?" Camille was sitting on my lap at the time and immediatley leaned in and put her cheek on my cheek. TALK ABOUT MEALT YOUR HEART!! It was like she was saying "I am right here!" Ryan is getting so big. He is 6 years old now and has an adorable dog Freddie and enjoys swimming. I can't believe this is the same little boy that I used to snuggle with each day. Hayes is almost 4. He is reading and loves Montessori school. I can't believe this is the same little boy I rocked to sleep each day. Oh how I love these kids!! I have my own girls now ... BUT these children will always be MY babies!! I LOVE YOU RYAN, HAYES, CAMILLE AND COLE!!

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