Wednesday, June 24, 2009

7 month pictures

For Mothers Day "we" (wink wink) decided to take the girls pictures here at home. It wasn't worth the saved money to me!! Paul of course feels differently!! LOL. I like the pictures but it was rather stressful trying to get them taken, printed and mailed on time to our family out of town!! I much prefer going to Portrait Innovations where you leave that day with the photos!

So, the girls are 7 months in these pictures.

Abigail Grace

Natalie Adelle


At Home with Mike and Adrienne... said...

Elizabeth! I LOVE that you are updating you blog! I haven't seen you in so long! We went to Denham's stake confrence but didn't see you :( Your girls are the cutest! Look forward to "hearing" more from yall! (Looks like its a boy for us! Yay!)

Jill Britt said...

The pictures are still adorable even if you had to take them at home!