Friday, June 26, 2009

Moo Moo

These pictures are from November/December.

When the girls were little our fridge looked like this (please don't judge the random food in our fridge- there was not much time for cleaning it out ... let alone cooking or eating something nutricious).

I was nursing & pumping or BOTH every 3 hours so we ran out of space quite often. We tried really hard to come up with a system to keep it organized ... but could never really find a way to manage all the milk.
Top Shelf
Second Shelf
Our dishwasher looked like this for months on end!!
When we ran out of room in the fridge we resorted to freezing the milk. This was one weeks surplus!! We even had to borrow space in our friends freezers to accomodate all the girls milk!! Thanks to those who loaned us space!!

All the milk made a lot of these ... at one point we went through about 16-18 diapers PER DAY!! I got creative one day and made this diaper pyramid for Paul ... I think he was "impressed" with my amazing skills!!

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