Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trying to Catch Up!!

So I fell a "little" behind on my blog ... at first you all were patient ... then you all mildly harassed me ... I understand if you eventually gave up on me ... I realize it had been almost 5 months! Yes, I am embarassed. I did think about the blog ... A LOT. I kept a list of things to blog about ... I don't really know if I will EVER catch up ... but I am trying to catch up ... and trying to commit to posting more often ... but if for some reason I don't ... please try and still love me ... after all I am just an unmedicated ADHD mother of 8 month old twins!!

These pictures are from Thanksgiving ... I know, I know ... better late than never ... Pauls grandparents (his mothers parents) from San Antonio came for a quick visit to meet the girls on their way to Pensacola to be with their daughter! They were very excited to meet the girls and we were very excited to introduce them to our precious babies!

Great Grandpa Ruebasamen & Gracie

I am not sure GGpa Ruebsamen was quite sure what
to do with such a little preemie baby ... but he did GREAT!

Great Grandma Ruebsamen & Natalie

LaLa (my mom) & Natalie

Opa & Gracie- she slept like this for about an hour!!

For Thanksgiving we took the girls to Lafayette to celebrate with my family (Paul and I switch holidays every year to be fair to both sides). We stayed in a hotel with the girls. We brought their bouncy seats for them to sleep in ... the first night they slept 6 hours straight!! They had never gone more than 3 hours before ... and after that night it was MANY more months before they went more than 3 hours again!! I guess it was the long trip and meeting so many new family members that wore them out! Regardless ... Paul and I were VERY grateful for the SLEEP!!

The girls all tucked in for the night! Sweet dreams!!

The girls meeting my cousins Melanie (L) & Celeste (R) for the first time!

My cousin Chris' wife A'dair feeds Natalie

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