Monday, June 29, 2009

May 2009

Gracie is the more active of the two girls. She has LIMITLESS energy. She is always bouncing, flapping her arms in excitement or squealing with delight. Gracie often steals toys from Natalie, pushes her over or pulls on her helmet. She is full of life and we love her BIG personality!

Natalie is more quiet and thoughtful. She is a cuddler and very emotional. She babbles and makes many sounds. She is serious about her food ... she likes a lot of it and she likes to have it OFTEN!! She is gentle and patient and we enjoy her loving spirit!

Gracie and Natalie try out the new ride on toy together for the first time. Mom is holding on to their hands just to make sure they are safe!

Natalie is trying out the bathtub that is a baby shower gift for her cousin Evelynne who is due August 3rd. Pauls brother Chris and his wife Amber are expecting their first child and we couldn't be more exicted!!

Natalie dug the snacks out of the diaper bag and spilled them on her blanket. What did I find she wonders?

FOOD!! Natalie dosen't waste any time filling her tummy!

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Amanda said...

hahhaaaa....where you just not roaring with laughter when taking that photo? that Natalie is SOOO hilarious!!! too funny. she loves her snacks ;) sounds a bit like Jude... he loves food too. Charlotte on the other hand... food is just a "suggestion" in her mind.